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Mahesh G. Dalamal is the Manager of Creative Zone in Dubai

CREATIVE ZONE is a UAE Free Zone service that allows entrepreneurs, consultants and business professionals to form a company in the UAE with minimum investment, prestige and flexibility.

mahesh-dalamal-businessMahesh Dalamal and Steve Mayne launched Creative Zone in September 2010. By building upon Mahesh’s years of experience in Free Zone company formation along with Steve’s business center and local onshore company setup knowledge, the company was created with a simple yet revolutionary model for the UAE marketplace; to serve as a one-stop shop, with flexible payment plans, for easy company incorporation, and added business support services that entrepreneurs and SME’s require.

The firm started out with just 4 staff members, dealing solely with company setups in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, and only being able to accommodate clients looking to start up a consulting or service related company. Anticipating that the industry was growing exponentially, Creative Zone ventured to establish a more dominant position in the market place by strengthening its team, taking larger and more prestigious offices, forming strategic alliances with business support service providers and expanding its range of company setup solutions. In the 3 ½ years since inception, Creative Zone has moved to Dubai’s premier business district and has grown to a team of some 50 highly qualified professionals with several years of experience in the UAE company setup industry who speak 12 different languages. Creative Zone now boasts well-staffed and highly experienced Sales, Marketing, PRO, Operations and Finance teams.

It has turned itself from a relatively small player in the business setup marketplace, to one of the most well known and respected company setup firms in the UAE having successfully incorporated over 2,000 new companies.

What Creative Zone offersmahesh-dalamal_creative-zone-image

Creative Zone now offer a wider range of company setup options; from Fujairah Creative City Free Zone for consulting and service related activities, Ajman Free Zone for trading related activities, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) for offshore setups, and local Dubai DED (Department of Economic Development) formations for those looking to take permanent offices in Dubai and trade actively onshore. In addition, Creative Zone entered into an agreement with a prestigious Dubai business center located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, where Creative Zone clients have exclusive use of the center’s professional services and stylish and modern facilities e.g. meeting rooms, lounges, work stations and phone answering services etc.

Creative Zone have also aligned themselves an extensive range of network partners across a variety of sectors (Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Agents, Recruitment Companies etc) and along with its regular networking sessions it provides its clients with an infrastructure that supports their business not just at inception but continues to provide valuable services as they grow. Furthermore in 2013, Creative Zone received the prestigious accolade of being affiliated with and endorsed by H.H. Sheikh Manea Bin Hasher Al Maktoum of Dubai’s ruling family.

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