Manuel Velasco Coello

Manuel Velasco Coello

Young experienced “chiapaneco”, born in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas on April 7, 1980.

Manuel-Velasco-CoelloHe is the son of the marriage of Dr. José Manuel Velasco Siles and Mrs. Leticia Velasco Coello. His father was a distinguished physician who, despite his short life, transcended being one of the most important pioneers in Pediatric Neurosurgery in our country. Smart and generous man of great medical vocation and delivered to social service for people who have less.

Background of Manuel Velasco

This is how “El Güero” (nickname) Velasco got inspired by women, defending their rights, their dignity, always promoting better laws, programs and actions that are valued, respected, recognized and make them occupy the place they really deserve in society.

From early age, he felt the service vocation and the need to participate in politics, so at 21 years of age he reached the Local Deputy in the Congress of Chiapas, which played with great enthusiasm and commitment.

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