Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee are a great little company based out of London, UK. They hand roast small batches of quality beans, delivered from selected farms across the world, includinPact Coffeeg Costa Rica and Brazil. Pact Coffee are great as they tell you on their website exactly which farm each particular blend is from, so you know the exact source of the coffee. This means you can buy coffee knowing how and where it was produced which I think is great. Roasted and delivered to you within 7 days!

Pact Coffee deliver coffee to you, via a brilliant subscription service. You choose how much and how often you want coffee delivered – as well as which method you use to brew it. You can have beans, cafetiere style, stovetop, drip or aeropress. The coffee arrives in letterbox size packets, so there is no worry about having to pick up from the post office if you miss the post. Perfect for making sure you don’t miss out on that morning cuppa!

There is no cancellation fee and the guys and girls at Pact are very helpful if you have any questions. They are a small local company and their coffee is delicious!

Give them a try – find out more on their website:

Jamie Smith